Image Competition 2020 - Entries

Prize winners (aesthetics category) 

FIRST PRIZE - Martina Stiborova (Bruce lab).

"4- to 8-cell stage mouse embryo paintings"
SECOND PRIZE - Lucie Pauchova 
(Sehadova lab).

"Hummingbird or venom gland" - venom gland of an ichneumon.
THIRD PRIZE - Lucie Pauchova 
(Sehadova lab).

"When the nerves break" - brain with part of nerve cord of a giant silkworm larva.

Prize winners (scientific merit category) 

FIRST PRIZE - Lucie Pauchova 
(Sehadova lab).

"Still safe" - embryo of a silkworm.
SECOND PRIZE - Eva Kopecka (Gahurova/Bruce lab).

"Spindle - almost ready to mingle" - Meiotic spindle of the naked mole rat oocyte in metaphase of meiosis I.
THIRD PRIZE - Galina Prokopchuk  (Lukes lab).

"Defecating diplonemid cell"