Research achievments

Recent research achievements at our department

PhD student Gabriela Krejcova in eLife 2019: Drosophila macrophages switch to aerobic glycolysis to mount effective antibacterial defense

Publication of our first-year PhD student Gabriela Krejcova from Adam Bajgar's group in eLife shows that the metabolic shift to aerobic glycolysis in the activated insect macrophages  is highly conserved between insects and mammals.

PhD student Yosif Kaurov in Current Biology 2018:  The Diverged Trypanosome MICOS Complex as a Hub for Mitochondrial Cristae Shaping and Protein Import

Publication of our Ph.D. student Yosif Kaurov from Hassan Hashimi group in Current Biology showing that T. brucei MICOS not only helps to give cristae their shape, but also help to place the protein machinery in this part of the mitochondria that is responsible for respiration.

Magda Zrzava in Genes 2018: Sex chromosomes of the iconic moth Abraxas grossulariata

Research from Magda Zrzava group demonstrating rapid molecular divergence of W chromosomes by independent spreading of female-specific repetitive sequences.

Bajgar and Dolezal in PLoS Pathogens 2018: Extracellular adenosine modulates host-pathogen interactions through regulation of systemic metabolism during immune response in Drosophila.

What happens if we don't deliver enough energy to the immune system? Or vice versa, if we deliver it too much? How is the energy management of the body regulated during immune reactions?