Research groups

Research groups at Faculty of Science:

Laboratory of Molecular Integrative Physiology in Drosophila (head: Tomáš Doležal)

Laboratory uses fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model to investigate inter-organ communication, which regulates the distribution of nutrients to individual organs and cells during various conditions.

Laboratory of Early Mammalian Developmental Biology (LEMDB, head: Alexander Bruce)

Research in the LEMDB is focussed on understanding the molecular mechanisms that underpin mammalian preimplantation embryo development; specifically the derivation of the first three cell lineages (trophectoderm, primitive endoderm & epiblast) that arise by the time of embryo uterine implantation. We are also investigate the fundamental processes that control the formation of viable mouse oocytes.

Laboratory of Developmental Biology (head: Alena Krejčí)

Laboratory investigates the nutritional/energetic state of a cell as regulator of Notch activity using fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model.

Laboratory of Comparative Cytogenetics and Genomics (head: Petr Nguyen)

Laboratory studies the structure and function of nuclear genomes in insects and other arthropods with emphasis on key questions of chromosome biology and evolution.

Dmel macrophages squad (head: Adam Bajgar)

The group studies the role of macrophages in the regulation of homeostasis in Drosophila

Associated research groups at the institutes of Academy of Sciences:


Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Protists (head: Julius Lukeš)

Laboratory of Functional Biology of Protists (head: Alena Panicucci Zíková)

Laboratory of RNA Biology of Protists (head: Zdeněk Paris)

Laboratory of Evolutionary Protistology (head: Miroslav Oborník)

Laboratory of Environmental genomics (head: Aleš Horák)

Laboratory of Molecular Ecology and Evolution (head: Jan Štefka)

Laboratory of Molecular Ecology of Vectors and Pathogens (head: Libor Grubhoffer)

Laboratory of Vector Immunology (head Petr Kopáček)


Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (head: Michal Žurovec)

Laboratory of Developmental Genetics (head: Marek Jindra)

Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics (head: František Marec)

Laboratory of Molecular Chronobiology (head: David Doležel)

Laboratory of Telomere Research (head: Radmila Frydrychová Čapková)


Plant epigenetics (head: Iva Mozgová)

Laboratory of molecular cytogenetics (head: Jiří Macas)


Laboratory of photosynthesis - Biosynthesis and function of photosynthetic pigments (head: Roman Sobotka)

Laboratory of photosynthesis - Biogenesis of Photosystem II (head: Josef Komenda)

INSTITUTE OF MICROBIOLOGY - Center for nanobiology and structural biology, Nové Hrady

Laboratory of Cell Biology (head: Josef Lazar)