Katedra molekulární biologie a genetiky
Department of molecular biology and genetics

Research groups

Research groups at Faculty of Science:

Laboratory of Molecular Integrative Physiology in Drosophila (head: Tomáš Doležal)

Laboratory uses fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model to investigate inter-organ communication, which regulates the distribution of nutrients to individual organs and cells during various conditions.

Laboratory of Early Mammalian Developmental Biology (LEMDB, head: Alexander Bruce)

Research in the LEMDB is focussed on understanding the molecular mechanisms that underpin mammalian preimplantation embryo development; specifically the derivation of the first three cell lineages (trophectoderm, primitive endoderm & epiblast) that arise by the time of embryo uterine implantation. We are also investigate the fundamental processes that control the formation of viable mouse oocytes.

Laboratory of Developmental Biology (head: Alena Krejčí)

Laboratory investigates the nutritional/energetic state of a cell as regulator of Notch activity using fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model.

Laboratory of Comparative Cytogenetics and Genomics (head: Petr Nguyen)

Laboratory studies the structure and function of nuclear genomes in insects and other arthropods with emphasis on key questions of chromosome biology and evolution.

Associated research groups at the institutes of Academy of Sciences:


Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Protists (head: Julius Lukeš)

Laboratory of Functional Biology of Protists (head: Alena Panicucci Zíková)

Laboratory of RNA Biology of Protists (head: Zdeněk Paris)

Laboratory of Evolutionary Protistology (head: Miroslav Oborník)

Laboratory of Environmental genomics (head: Aleš Horák)

Laboratory of Molecular Ecology and Evolution (head: Jan Štefka)

Laboratory of Molecular Ecology of Vectors and Pathogens (head: Libor Grubhoffer)

Laboratory of Vector Immunology (head Petr Kopáček)


Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (head: Michal Žurovec)

Laboratory of Developmental Genetics (head: Marek Jindra)

Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics (head: František Marec)

Laboratory of Molecular Chronobiology (head: David Doležel)

Laboratory of Telomere Research (head: Radmila Frydrychová Čapková)


Laboratory of photosynthesis - Biosynthesis and function of photosynthetic pigments (head: Roman Sobotka)

Laboratory of plant epigenetics (head: Iva Mozgová)

INSTITUTE OF MICROBIOLOGY - Center for nanobiology and structural biology, Nové Hrady

Laboratory of Cell Biology (head: Josef Lazar)