Dmel macrophages squad (head: Adam Bajgar)


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Head of the group: Mgr. Adam Bajgar, Ph.D.

Research focus: Despite macrophage (Mϕ) research being initially focused on their role in immune response, there has been emerging evidence of Mϕs not being just cells merely engulfing pathogens. Upon various stimuli, they polarize and change their metabolism leading to the release of cytokines with signaling properties. Two worlds have fused - knowlege from basic immunology and metabolism has been gathered together and has given rise to a new research field - immunometabolism. Our small group led by Adam Bajgar branched from a research team percieving Mϕs as cells regulating whole body homeostasis. We investigate cellular metabolism of Drosophila Mϕs and it´s impact on the systemic metabolism not only in bacterial infection, but also in the context of nutritional dysbalance. Ranging from immunometabolism to developing novel delivery tools into Mϕs, we take advantage of unique Drosophila genetic tools. These allow for an easily inducible tissue- and time-specific genetic manipulations. We are particulary passionate about imaging of Drosophila Mϕs either by confocal or electron microscopy. We belive that science offers a great space for art.