PhD position in Molecular Biology & Genetics

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate for a PhD position in the Laboratory of Chromosomics lead by Petr Nguyen. 

Project: Neo-sex chromosome evolution in Lepidoptera
Sex chromosomes, their differentiation, and role in speciation belong to the most intriguing questions of evolutionary genetics. It was proposed that comparison of patterns in sex chromosome evolution between male and female heterogametic taxa could be informative for identification of general features of this process. Moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) represent the most speciose lineage with female heterogamety (WZ/ZZ). Unlike in other WZ/ZZ taxa, sex chromosome-autosome fusions are common in Lepidoptera, which makes them ideal model system for investigations into establishment and differentiation of neo-sex chromosomes. The project aims at investigating drivers of lepidopteran neo-sex chromosome evolution and a role of sex chromosome turnover in species divergence. It will encompass generating genomic resources, expression profiling, and cytogenetic and population genetic analyses in several non-model taxa such as ghost moth chromosome races and butterflies of the tribe Danaini.

> PhD study for 4 years 2021-2025
> research campus with a strong tradition in biosciences
> professional career development in science & soft skills
> access to the state-of-the-art research infrastructure & equipment
> international collaboration, international short-term research visits
> PhD fellowship & part-time job employment on research grants
> full health insurance, student benefits
> work-life balance in a middle-sized university city offering options for outdoor, sport & cultural activities

> MSc in Molecular Biology, Genetics or similar
> proficiency in English – oral and written
> openness to learn new techniques, active attitude to problem-solving
> ability to work in a team
> independent thinking & passion for science

How to apply:
Please submit your structured CV, motivation letter, and name & contacts of two academic referees via e-mail to For more information, contact

Petr Nguyen
Assistant Professor
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic