Kateřina Jirků

MVDr. Kateřina Jirků, Ph.D.

Research area: Helminthic therapy and microbiom

Kateřina graduated in veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno (VFU), where she also completed her doctoral studies. She began her scientific career in the third year of university, where she was interested mainly in parasites of primates, including humans. She participated in several field trips to Africa, where she worked with wild chimpanzees and gorillas, participated in the establishment of a diagnostic parasitological laboratory in the chimpanzee rehabilitation center in Kenya, or participated as a volunteer in rabies vaccination in the endemic area of Northern Kenya. In addition, she has been also focused on veterinary and human parasitology. After PhD, she has opened a laboratory at the Institute of Parasitology of the Biology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences (October 2013). This lab focuses on the research of the role of commensal protists and helminth in inflammatory bowel diseases and in human health in general. In 2015, she received a prestigious grant with her the Canadian colleague Laura W. Parfrey (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) from the transnational grant agency Human Frontier Science Organization in the category Young investigators. Since that she has established collaboration with other prestigious institutions such as Duke University (North Carolina, USA) or the Staten Serum Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark). In 2018, she was awarded by the ‘Otto Wichterle’ Award from the Czech Academy of Sciences for outstanding young researchers. Since 2017 she is in close collaboration with the Department of Medical Biology (University of South Bohemia) because of scientific projects, but she is also a guarantee of the course “Basics of Functional Anatomy”. She is also supervisor of bachelor, master and PhD students.

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