About the department

History of the Department of Parasitology is dated since 1995. The former collegium of the dean Pavel Blažka decided to establish an independent Department of Parasitology that was the only one set aside from the Czech Academy of Sciences in České Budějovice. Jiří Lom, an eminent personality of the Czechoslovak parasitology, significantly contributed to the origin of the Department. The Department was established by Libor Grubhoffer, who also became its first head. Later, he passed this function on to Václav Hypša, the current head of the Department.

The Department of Parasitology is responsible for the Master and Doctoral programmes in Parasitology.
It also co-ordinates
theses of the Bachelor degree students focused on parasitology.

The research covers structural and taxonomical, ecological, biochemical, immunological, phylogenetic and evolutionary, population-genetic, phylogeographic and genomic aspects of parasite biology. It is focused on several dominant groups of parasites, and also on their symbiotic microorganisms.


Important contacts

Head of the Department:
  prof. RNDr. Václav Hypša, CSc.
  +420 387 776 276

  Ing. Lenka Štifterová
  +420 387 776 271

Web editor: 
  MVDr. Jana Kvičerová, Ph.D.,
  RNDr. Marie Jalovecká, Ph.D. 

    - janaq@centrum.cz, jalovecka@prf.jcu.cz
    +420 38 777 6273 (Jana), 
    +420 38 777 6222 (Marie)