Students are obliged to present at the Seminar of the Department:

Bachelor students:    at least twice a study, in Czech

Master students:        at least annually, in Czech with slides in English

Ph.D. students:          at least annually, in English

The obligation to report at the Seminar of the Department is based on the Dean's Measure No. D48; its last update was on September 1, 2020.

At the seminar the students present the topic of their theses. In the course of the first year of the study, it is assumed that the students do not have enough results yet, thus it is expected that they will present the so far known information about the topic (introduction), and the methodology and objectives of their work. Students should ask the guarantee of the course (Jana Kvičerová; for the date of the presentation. Students who plan to defend their theses in the given semester should present well in advance before submitting the final thesis in order to be able to incorporate critical comments.

THE CREDIT to the STAG is given by Jana Kvičerová to bachelor and master students, and by Eva Nováková to doctoral students.