Eva Nováková, PhD

 Associate Professor

The main research of our group focuses on bloodsucking insects, their bacterial symbionts, and transmitted pathogens/parasites. Primarily, we focus on kissing bugs (Triatominae), Chagas' disease, and the role of the host microbiome within the context of the insect-pathogen relationship. We also study animal-microbe symbioses in mosquitoes, chewing lice, and sucking lice. We use cutting-edge molecular techniques to resolve these symbiotic relationships in both ecological and evolutionary contexts.


Sonia M. Rodríguez Ruano, PhD Giampiero Batani, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Symbiosis and host-bacteria dynamics in bloodsucking insects: kissing bugs and mosquitoes.

Postdoctoral Associate

FISH approaches on blood-sucking insect vectors.

Esther Navarro González, PhD Anbu Poosakkannu, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Genomics of symbionts of blood-sucking insects.

Postdoctoral Associate

Microbiome analysis of insect disease vectors: triatomines.


Jana Říhová Joel Brown

PhD program in Parasitology

(supervised by Václav Hypša)

Genome evolution of Polyplax symbionts.

PhD program in Entomology

(supervised by Jan Hrcek)

Symbiotic bacteria within blood-feeding insects and host-parasitoid communities, to understand how microbial symbionts can influence host interactions.

Veronika Škochová Eliška Juhňáková

MSc program in Medical Biology

Microbiomes of triatomine bugs (Reduviidae: Triatominae) and their interactions with T. cruzi.

MSc program in Parasitology

(supervised by Václav Hypša)

Genomics of Arsenophonus bacteria.

Simona Křepelková Kateřina Žižková

MSc program in Medical Biology

Convergency in microbiomes of blood sucking arthropods.

MSc program in Medical Biology

Diversity and population structure of symbiotic bacteria in Polyplax lice (Anoplura: Polyplacidae).

Amelie Klein Melissa Leibetseder

BSc program in Biological Chemistry

(supervised by Sonia Rodríguez)

Microbiota patterns in Culex pipiens biotypes.

BSc program in Biological Chemistry

(supervised by Sonia Rodríguez)

Latitudinal effect on mosquitoes' microbiota.

Amila Kličić

BSc program in Biological Chemistry

(supervised by Sonia Rodríguez)

Microbiota of Arctic mosquitoes.



Jan Zima, PhD  

Lab Manager

Former members of the lab

Dario Pistone, PhD (

Valeria Mereghetti, PhD (

Marie Jalovecká, PhD (

Jakub Vávra

Václav Landa


Allison Hansen, University of California Riverside - symbiont genome evolution

Justin O. Schmidt, Southwestern Biological Institute - kissing bug biology

Stephen A. Klotz, University of Arizona - Chagas' disease in the USA

Norman L. Beatty, University of Florida - Chagas' disease in the USA

Nicole Bradley-Behrens, University of Arizona - Chagas' disease in the USA

Walter Roachell, US Army Public Health Command-Central - Texas kissing bug biology

Kevin Vogel, University of Georgia - Microbiomes and physiology of insect vectors

Robert L. Smith, University of Arizona, emeritus - Entomology

Martha (Molly) S. Hunter, University of Arizona - Heritable microbial symbionts in insects