The PřF cash desk is opened again




The PřF cash desk is opened again from today.

Office hours are below:



8,00 - 12,00

13,00 - 15,00



13,00 - 15,00 


8,00 - 11,00



8,00 – 12,00

13.00 – 15.00 

8,00 - 11,00



The procedure for billing documents for cash is the same as before when we have used the cash desk at the Rector's Office.


Cash documents properly glued, visible (not over each other) on a separate A4 paper together with the form "Vyúčtování za hotové" Pro zaměstnance | Přírodovědecká fakulta JU (, including the signature of the applicant and project´s manager to deliver to the registry office/office of the secretary.

As soon as the document is ready to be paid, you will be informed by email. For cash, you can come in during cash desk´s office hours.


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