Marsh Award for Insect Conservation for Professor Vojtech Novotny


Professor Vojtech Novotny was awarded the Marsh Award for Insect Conservation for his outstanding contribution to insect conservation on the basis of lifetime achievement.

This Award is run in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society and recognises an outstanding contribution to the field of insect conservation. The Award can be given on the basis of ‘lifetime achievement’, or ‘considerable and exemplary contribution’ to a significant project or undertaking. In exceptional circumstances two prizes may be awarded to reflect each criterion.

Vojtech Novotny is an entomologist at the Czech Academy of Sciences and at University of South Bohemia and internationally renowned tropical insect ecologist. He divides his time between the Czech Republic and Papua New Guinea, where he has led the conservation of large areas of tropical forest and supported local scientists and the community towards the sustainable support of the environment with its rich insect communities.