Postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral positions

University postdoctoral positions: financing of max. two-year stays. Application + CV submitted to Research Office of FSc, Jana Meinelova,, till Aug 31, 2020; application form, rules; criteria; list of awarded positions. The Research Office will ensure dean's signature on applications submitted to the rectorate.

Faculty positions: extended support of applicants for university postdoctoral position, extension of existing stays

Advertised university postdoctoral positions starting in 2021

Animal toxicology, Contact: Prof. Oldřich Nedvěd,

The Department of Zoology traditionally studies the defense mechanisms (toxicity, immunity) of ladybirds against insect predators and parasitoids (Nedvěd) and fungal pathogens (Nedvěd, Haelewaters), signalling of various toxic or warning-coloured insects against visually oriented predators such as birds in the laboratory (Fuchs, Veselý, Nedvěd) and in the field (Sam), specialization of herbivorous insects on poisonous plants, which can allow them to defend themselves against predators or, conversely, attract predators (Wolf, Sam) and the role of ants as top predators in temperate and tropical ecosystems (Klimeš, Sam). The new postdoc should integrate these established ecological and ethological approaches with their own toxicological and immunological measurements using the power of gas and liquid chromatography and protein analysis on the tims-TOF mass spectrometer, which is newly introduced at the faculty. The combination of different approaches will enable a more efficient use of the research capacities and devices of the faculty and the creation of complex, slightly interdisciplinary studies.