Support of science at the Faculty of Science

Research office

Broadcasts information about calls: project applications, competitions and nominations for awards

Receives, checks and submits grantové applications and reports(GA ČR, TA ČR, projects of Czech Ministries)

Keeps documentation of grant projects and treaties

Economic grant servis

Prepares grant treaties, provides economic check-up of project matters (in both cases the primary contact for investigators is the Research Office)

Monitors spending of financial resources, helps in making purchases and payments in agreement with the rules

Project office 

Administration of EU projects and other international (including cross-border) projects

Project monitoring

Grant support at FSci USB/ USB

GA JU team projects: call once in three years, support of doctoral students' teams

GA JU individual projects: support of individual doctoral students (each, year, applications till cca mid October)

Student grant agency (SGA FSci USB): supporto of bachelor and master students (applications till cca end of November)

Postdoctoral positions

University postdoctoral positions: financing of max. two-year stays (applications submitted to Research Office of FSci till end of August; application form, rules; criteria; list of awarded positions)

Faculty positions: extended support of applicants for university postdoctoral position, extension of existing stays

Financial support

Resources of departments for scientific activities based on the scientific performance of departments

Personal premium based on scientific performance of employees (monthly premium) and doctoral students (lump-sum premium stipendium)

Bonus financial resources for scientific activities for project investigators (PIs, co-PIs) (in the amount proportional to the project dotation)

Rectorate's call for extra resources for science: typically support of organisation of conferences and other activities, publishing of a book (application submission at FSci USB till end of February)

Support of publication costs at FSci  USB: support of publishing in open access journals,  books and other publication expenses

Technology Transfer Office of USB

Support for a co-operation of academic and commercial spheres

Support in intellectual property protection

Research bases

Svalbard (polar base)

Papua-New Guinea (tropic base, together with BC CAS)

Language support

1. Kurzy angličtiny pro akademické a vědecké účely pro studenty

    English for Science 1 (OJZ/525) - navazuje na kurzy Magisterské angličtiny 1 (OJZ/310) a 2 (OJZ/320)

2. Kurz akademického psaní pro studenty Magisterská angličtina 2 NS Academic Writing (OJZ/420)

3. Kurz pro studenty Technical Writing (procvičování odborného stylu v angličtině psaním článků ze svého vlastního oboru)

4. Kurz Doktorandská angličtina(OJZ/500)

5. Writing Clinic (bezplatné jazykové konzultace pro studenty a zaměstnance)