Children´s groups at USB

Parents employed at the Faculty of Science of USB may currently use the services of two children's groups. See below for details on both groups.

The KVÍTEK Children's Group

The Kvítek Children's Group provides children of employees of University of South Bohemia with above-standard care and education in the field of pre-school education. The children‘s group is intended for children from 1 to 7 years old. Currently we prioritise the 2 to 7 year-old age group with full-time attendance.

Details about the operation of this children's group can be found on the USB website.

The MOTÝL Children‘s Group

The Motýl children's group started operations on 1 November 2013 and provides parents working at BC or USB with a similar service to that of a kindergarten i.e. child care during working hours. The group is designed for children from one year and provides child care on a whole-day or half-day basis. The opening hours of DS Motýl are from 7:30 to 16:30.

The contact person for USB is Kamila Horáková (, 387 775 563).

General information on the operation of the group since 1.7.2016:

  1. Capacity of the facility: 12 seats (9 BC, 3 Fsci USB)
  2. Opening hours: 7:30 - 16:30
  3. Basic fee for one child for USB - 3000 CZK.
  4. USB has its own selection criteria, which can be consulted directly with K. Horáková (
  5. In the event of limited attendance, prices are reduced relatively.
  6. In the event of long-term absence (over 14 days - illness, time abroad, etc.), parents are not given discounts. If parents wish to reserve a place in the children’s group, they must pay the set monthly fees even when their child is absent.
  7. The contract is concluded for one year with the possibility of repeated renewal.

Criteria for admission of children to DS MOTÝL from 1.7.2016

Required criteria:

  1. The age of the child when signing the contract is to be at least 1 year. The contract is to be signed at the latest by the start of schooling.
  2. At least one parent is to be employed at the BC CAS (BC) or the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (USB) throughout the child's attendance at the group. For parents from other faculties the free capacity in the group and the ability to cover the full cost of the child from the employee's own or faculty‘s resources  are decisive.
  3. Capacity is 9 seats for BC employees and 3 employees for those from USB .
  4. An extraordinary decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Science.

Other selection criteria in this order:

  1. Extension of attendance of an already placed child.
  2. In the event of greater interest in the places in the group, a substantiated decision not to accept the child at state kindergarten (MŠ) may be decisive.
  3. Regular full-week and full-day attendance of the child.
  4. Regular full-week and half-day attendance of the child.
  5. Date of application submission.

On the basis of the above criteria, the admission of a child to the group is decided by a committee appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Science. If the criteria (i.e. the same criterion in the stated order) are met for more than the capacity of the group (9 for BC, 3 for USB), the Dean or the person authorised by him/her is to decide on admission of the child to the group.

Operating Rules of Nursery

Application Form

Support for parents with young children

Rules for the allowance for employees with children under three years of age