vice-dean for science and research

doc. RNDr. Milan Předota, Ph.D.

University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Science
Department of Physics, door no. 02 013
Branišovská 1760
370 05 České Budějovice
Phone: +420 387 776 258

Areas within the responsibility of the Vice-Dean for Science and Research      

  • Department of Science and Research

The task of the Vice-Dean for Science and Research is to create favourable conditions at FSci USB for the scientific and research activities of both workers and students, which are highly above standard and rank the faculty among the leading faculties of USB and science faculties in the Czech Republic.

In cooperation with the Faculty Coordinator for Science and Research:

co-ordinates the submission of grant applications (projects requiring the involvement of Project Managers are handled by the Project Office) and keeps records of projects; ensures the operation of the Scientific Board of FSci USB (the habilitation and appointment  procedures for professors, the approval of examiners and supervisors, accreditation plans and applications); manages the Student Grant Agency (SGA) supporting Bachelor’s and Master’s study; elaborates publication output for the evaluation of workplaces and employees, disseminates information about and collects nominations for awards.