Provision of the Vice-Dean for Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Programmes Number 1

on the Submission of Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses at the
Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
on 15. 4. 2011
as amended 19. 11. 2019

  1. Bachelor’s and Master’s theses (hereinafter “theses”) are published according to Section 47b of Law No. 111/1998 Col. as amended. The details of the method applied at the University of South Bohemia are set by Measure of the Rector No. R 156 from 8.6.2010 (hereinafter “Measure R 156”) and, for students of FS USB, also by this Measure.
  2. The student is to submit to the Department of Student Affairs of FS USB within the prescribed time period:
    1. a printed page listing the bibliographical details and annotations of the thesis (for the purposes of the Department of Student Affairs); (the details of preparation for the archiving of this electronic copy and its modification for insertion in IS STAG is detailed by Measure R 156 and its attachment);
    2. a copy (in the case of a Bachelor’s thesis) or two copies (in the case of a Master’s thesis) printed and suitably bound, for example comb binding (for the opponents);
    3. a printed copy only in the event of the public version of the theses containing excluded parts (e.g. full texts of published papers).

The electronic and printed versions are to be identical, with the exception of the cover and parts which are not able to be transformed into electronic form (see Measure R 156 from 8. 6. 2010).

  1. The thesis is to begin with a title page, hardbound copies with a cover before the title page.

This cover is to include;

  • the name of the university and faculty
  • the type of thesis (“Bachelor’s thesis”, “Master’s thesis”). In the case of a thesis written in English, the type of thesis is also to be detailed in English.
  • the name and surname of the student and their titles
  • the year of writing

The title page is to include:

  • the name of the university and faculty
  • the title of the theses
  • the type of thesis (“Bachelor’s thesis”, “Master’s thesis”). In the case of a thesis written in English, the type of thesis is also to be detailed in English.
  • the name and surname of the student and their titles
  • the name, surname, and title of the supervisor (in the event of the supervisor not being an employee of FS JCU the abbreviation of the name, or full name, of the supervisor’s employee) and consultant (provided one was appointed)
  • the place (“České Budějovice”)
  • the year of writing

 The language on the cover and title page is to be the same, all details are to be either in Czech or in English according to the language in which the whole thesis is written.

  1. Following the title page is to be inserted the page listing the bibliographical details of the thesis, which are to include;
  • the complete bibliographical details of the thesis, in which, after the Czech version of the name, is to be inserted, in brackets, the English translation with the note: X thesis, in Czech, where instead of X, according to the study programme of the student, there should be Bc., Mgr.; the student is to translate the title of the thesis into English (provided the thesis is not written in English) after consultation with the head of department; this translation is not required for a thesis submitted in English[1]
  • annotations of the thesis in English amounting to several sentences defining what the thesis is concerned with (what the thesis is about, not a detailing of results) [2]
  • the following text, from which is to be omitted the options irrelevant to the given thesis (see Measure R 156; the options, divided by a hyphen, are to be shown in square brackets and underlined - square brackets and underlining are to be omitted in the submitted thesis, with one option relevant to the given thesis being selected).

I hereby declare that I have worked on my [bachelor's – diploma – doctoral dissertation] thesis independently and used only the sources listed in the bibliography. I hereby declare that, in accordance with Article 47b of Act No. 111/1998 in the valid wording, I agree with the publication of my bachelor / master / dissertation thesis, in full / in shortened form resulting from deletion of indicated parts to be kept in the Faculty of Science archive, in electronic form in a publicly accessible part of the IS STAG database operated by the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice accessible through its web pages. Further, I agree to the electronic publication of the comments of my supervisor and thesis opponents and the record of the proceedings and results of the thesis defence in accordance with aforementioned Act No. 111/1998. I also agree to the comparison of the text of my thesis with the thesis database operated by the National Registry of University Theses and a plagiarism detection system.

Place, Date, Signature

The student’s signature (in the written version there is to be a handwritten signature on every copy!)

In the event of the thesis including unpublished parts (in the declaration, referred to as “in the modification resulting from the omission of marked parts archived by the Faculty of Science”), the student is to submit, in accordance with Section 47b paragraph 4 of Law 111/1998 Col., the thesis into IS STAG as an attachment of a public version, and another full printed version to the Department of Student Affairs.[3]

  1. Regarding theses of which parts are publications, a page detailing the contribution by the student to individual publications is to follow the page with bibliographical data and the declaration of the student.
    The expression of the student´s contribution is to be given in words without a percentage figure. This expression is not to be signed by the student or the co-authors. A part giving thanks to the supervisor, co-authors etc. may follow.
  1. A contents page including the page number of the beginnings of individual chapters is to follow.
  1. The title page, page with bibliographical data, and other pages including a contents page (list of chapters and page placement) are to be either without page numbers, with roman numbers (I, II, III, IV,V,VI ....), or, unless there are more than 4 pages, with small roman numbers (i, ii, iii, iiii). Numbering with Arabic numerals is to start with number 1 on the page entitled Introduction and to continue throughout the whole volume including pages of attachments included with the student’s own work (i.e. after the list of references).
  1. Margins in the submitted thesis are to be, at the spine, 3 cm, at the edge of the page, 2.2 cm. The thesis is to be written in Times New Roman font size 12, line spacing is to be 1.5. It is recommended to justify the text.
  1. The attachments to this Measure are examples of a title page and the cover of a Bachelor’ and Master’s thesis. The appearance of the title page and cover in the attachment is binding.
  1. This Measure comes into effect on 1. 12. 2019

RNDr. Tomáš Hauer, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Study

[1] Example - master’s thesis:

Hora, A., 1999: Rozšíření a populační struktura zlatomyší r. Aureomys ve střední Evropě. [Distribution and population structure of the Golden Mice of the genus Aureomys in Central Europe. Mgr. Thesis, in Czech.] – 63 p., Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

In the case of a thesis submitted in English the bibliographical data would be:
Hora, A., 1999: Distribution and population structure of the Golden Mice of the genus Aureomys in Central Europe. Mgr. Thesis, in English. – 63 p., Faculty … .

[2] Annotation:
The distribution of six species of Golden mice was studied in Central Europe including territories of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. For each species, population structure (sex ratio and age composition) was examined in at least two populations from each of the countries listed above.

[3] This thesis is to be sent to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic in a sealed envelope upon which is to be detailed the title of the university, faculty, name, and surname of the author of the thesis, study programme/field within which the thesis was defended, and written the words “do not open”. After a period of three years the thesis will be returned to the university.