Applied Informatics

In 2021, the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Science managed to accredit a new form of the professionally oriented bachelor's study program Applied Informatics.

Study type: bachelor, Form: full-time, Study length: 3 years, Teaching language: czech

Introduction of study program

The aim of the bachelor's study program Applied Informatics is to prepare for practice equipped experts who can use a acquired knowledge and skills using modern methods and technologies to systematically solve a wide range of problems in the field of applied informatics. Graduates will acquire these skills during their studies by actively participating in solving practical problems and getting acquainted with new knowledge in the field of theoretical and applied informatics. Their professional profile predisposes them to analytical thinking and the ability to define requirements in the field of security and networks, and information systems, including basic knowledge of embedded systems, which are needed both for subsequent engineering studies and especially for future application in practice.

As part of your studies, you will profile yourself individually by choosing your electives and compulsory elective courses. In addition to them, however, you will also gain a general overview and knowledge of the study of compulsory subjects, which are the common basis of the study of computer science.

Employment of graduates

Graduates of this study program are quality experts in the field of IT, which is traditionally of great interest from practice. Depending on the specialization, you can work, for example, in the following positions (according to NSP 6):

  • Operating system and network manager - The operating system and network manager sets the parameters of computer operating systems and computer networks in order to ensure the functionality and security of computer systems.
  • Independent IT Technician - The Independent IT Technician gathers available technical information on the operation of information systems, identifies opportunities for improving operations, assesses their feasibility and coordinates service and development activities.
  • IT Analyst - An information technology analyst analyzes the requirements of processes and needs and, based on the analysis, designs schematic diagrams of parts of software applications and their units.
  • Database designer - Based on the analysis, the database designer in a specific database system creates a database design from a conceptual model to a physical model, programs the designed database layer of the application and participates in the optimization of its operation.
  • Independent programmer - Based on analytical-project documentation, an independent programmer creates computer programs, applications and solutions and performs their debugging and testing.

Graduates of the bachelor's study program may also continue in the follow-up master's degree.

Condition for acceptance

The conditions for acceptance to study are governed by the study regulations of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. At the same time, the Decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Science on the conditions for admission to the study of this program applies.

Study possibilities

Professional bachelor study Applied Informatics is a single-subjected. The studied subjects are organized into several blocks, in which it is necessary to obtain a certain number of study credits during the study. The recommended walk through the studies is indicated in the attached scheme, where all groups are listed and for each subject its credit evaluation is given.