Informatics for education

Study type: bachelor's, Form: full-time, Study length: 3 years, Teaching language: czech

Introduction of study program

The bachelor's study is designed so that the study program provides students with both a sufficiently extensive theoretical basis and an adequate level of complementary practical, psychological and pedagogical knowledge and skills for successful operation in the educational segment with a professional focus on teaching in informatics. The student always chooses the second field, the so-called combined study.

Fields of combined study

Students of bachelor's study program Informatics for Education, always choose a second field, which is called associated field. Students can select from the following fields:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Graduate employment

A graduate of the bachelor's study program Informatics for Education with a combined study for education is equipped with basic knowledge and skills in the field of informatics. The graduate of the bachelor's study program will be able to continue in the follow-up master's study without any problems, which will prepare him for the profession of secondary school teacher. It can also be used in training centers focused on IT.

A successful graduate of this study program will be able to:

  • explain basic principles of computer systems, including operating systems, database systems and computer networks;
  • create algorithms of chosen programming language and write a program solving of some concrete program;
  • be an assistant or a lecturer in IT technology sphere.
  • understand basic concepts of pedagogy and didactics, has an overview of a broad scale of teaching methods and ways of evaluating and marking of pupils/students.
  • understand actual trends in making concepts, planning and teaching, can prepare teaching texts and teaching environment and lead the teaching according to teacher's orders. 
  • under teacher's control, he/she can lead groups of pupils/students and motivate individuals to work.
  • understand basic psychologic concepts and knowledge of developmental psychology. Based on this, he/she can distinguish and take into account individual needs of pupils/students and adjust his/her teaching preferences to their possibilities.
  • know basics of school politics and understand actual trends in education. He/she is ready to cooperate with teachers, understands their missions, can discuss specifics of teachers' profession in 21st century. 

Conditions for acceptance

To be accepted to this study field, the candidate must have full high school education with graduation. This meeting of condition is according to the Decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia on the admission of applicants to bachelor's study programs. 

Follow-up study

  • The bachelor's study program Informatics for education with combined study, is followed up with the magister's program Education for high schools.
  • The bachelor's state final examinations at the Department of Computer Science also serve as entrance examinations for the follow-up master's study.