Masters degree programs

We accept students for the follow-up master's study twice a year, always after the bachelor's state final exams, which also serve as entrance examinations for the follow-up master's study.

In addition to the computer science exam, applicants for a follow-up master's degree also take an English test. The English test is waived for all students who have passed the Bachelor's exam in English for at least 2 minus.

For students from other faculties and fields, separate oral entrance exams are organized for the follow-up master's degree in computer science. And they also take an English test.

Since students can be admitted to the follow-up master's study from other fields and faculties, the so-called entry minimum is required. The entry minimum is a set of bachelor's degree courses that students must prove that they have completed before completing a follow-up master's degree program. The documentation is confirmed by the guarantors of the individual entry minimum courses on the basis of the submitted syllabi of the completed courses. The guarantor attaches his opinion to the application, which is submitted via IS STAG. Courses are recognized if the student has completed the relevant course for 2 or better and at the same time this evaluation is not older than 5 years.

Master's fields

Based on the decision of the Accreditation Office, the admission of new applicants to the follow-up master's study in the field of Applied Informatics was suspended.

We are currently preparing a new accreditation in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia, which will have two specializations:

  • Business Informatics - will follow the study of informatics at the Faculty of Economics
  • Software Engineering - will follow the study of computer science at the Faculty of Science

We assume that the awarded title will be "Ing." The accreditation process will take approximately one year.