Applied Informatics

Follow-up engineering study program carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics (EF) JU.

The joint follow-up, academically oriented study program (SP) "Applied Informatics" provided in cooperation with the Faculty of Science and EF JU replaces the ongoing (valid accreditation until 2024) follow-up master's SP "Applied Informatics". Its basic features and differences from the previous SP are:

The focus of the specialization "Software Engineering" is built on the base of knowledge, skills and competencies gained in the bachelor's degree study "Applied Informatics" at the Faculty of Science and further enlarges them, especially in the areas of:

  • Design of application architectures and IS.
  • Design of network infrastructures and their security.
  • System analysis and management of large IT projects.
  • Computational intelligence and distributed algorithms.

Those interested in studying are recommended to study the study plan of this SP in IS STAG:

Conditions for admission to the follow-up SP "Applied Informatics":