Teacher for secondary schools

Study type: master's, Form: full-time, Study length: 2 years, Teaching language: czech

Introduction of study program

The goal of the master's program Teacher for High School  – specialization Informatics is to prepare graduates with a lot of competencies, necessary for teaching. They will have knowledge and skills to teach pupils, manage class and solve specific situations related to teaching of pupils.

Graduate employment

Graduates of the study program Teacher Training for Secondary Schools - Specialization Informatics can give priority to working as teachers of relevant subjects at secondary schools (grammar schools and secondary vocational schools), according to the name of accredited fields and their specialization. In the case of choosing the study plan Teacher of Informatics and Network Administrator, graduates can also work in the positions of information systems administrators at secondary schools.

Knowledge of subjects, both generally and subject-oriented didactic competences ensure deep knowledge of the particular field, which correspond with expected requests  of high schools. Using many didactic methods, the graduates will be able to interpret knowledge of particular subject to pupils/students in a way, which corresponds to educational program of each school. The graduates will have also knowledge and skills to lead pedagogical communication with pupils/students, their parents, colleagues, and other subjects (social and communication competencies), upbring, infuence and motivate pupils, manage classes, participate in school life and solve specific situations related to teaching  (pedagogical-psychological competencies).

Above it, the graduates also have diagnostic and special pedagogical competencies, thanks to them, the graduates will be able to distinguish individual educational and other needs of pupils/students, to individualize requirements to particular pupils/students, to cooperate with advice specialists, to apply a wide range of supporting measures within inclusive approach. 

Beyond pedagogical activities, this study program prepares graduates with an approbation in Informatics to be able to operate as school administrator of information systems and computer networks.

After successful passing, the graduate will be able to:

  • Act as a teacher of high school - subject Informatics.
  • Understand and have an overview of basic HW and SW equipment of computer systems.
  • Use Internet and other IT technologies in a secure way.
  • Prepare teaching and teach using various methods. 
  • Manage nonstandard situations in teaching and outside teaching
  • Can distinguish and influence mood in the class.
  • Motivate and activate pupils, support democratic principles in class and in school.
  • Understand actual school policy and trends in education, can collaborate with his/her colleagues and school management on visions and school development.
  • Use diagnostic and evaluation tools to identify specialities of environment and needs of particular pupils.
  • Use support measures to individualize teaching, cooperate with counceling subjects. 
  • Understand possibilities how to evaluate both pupils and his/her teaching. 
  • Understand and define IT support needs in normal school operation.
  • Be able to administer IT systems in high school.

Conditions for acceptance

Subjects passed in bachelor's study of Informatics of Education (minor and major) are essential  for the admissions committee of the Department of Computer Science PřF JU, which decides if the candidate fullfils conditions for sufficient vocational education in particular field or it will be necessary for him/her to complete some parts. In case of graduates of Informatics of Education (minor and major) in PřF JU, the entrance minimum conditions are fullfiled automatically. 

If the follow-up master's study Teacher for Secondary Schools is interested and if student comes from another faculty of the University of South Bohemia or from another university (or from other study programs), the admissions committee decides, whether the specific education in full is appropriate or must be completed.

Follow-up study

The follow-up master's study program Teacher for Secondary School  follows up either the bachelorš study program  Informatics for Education with combined study (Informatics major) or the combined study Informatics for Education (Informatics minor) in PřF JU. In master's study, knowledge and skills of bachelor's study are improved and enlarged.