Oracle Academy

Oracle Academy is a complete offer for high schools, higher vocational schools, and technical universities. It prepares students for a carrier of information technologies and enables professional grow to teachers to be better oriented and to gain actual information for teaching.

Corporate program

Oracle Academy Czech Republic has two levels. The first one is a corporate program, which is created for particular school grades and offers three teaching ways. The principle is to offer software and Oracle products for teaching, and also study materials and support.

The first way Introduction to Computer Science, is the most suitable for high schools. Through web training and cooperation with a lecturer. In the end, successful students can gain certificates. Teachers pass special course and end it with a certificate.

The second way Advanced Computer Science, offers to schools not only software but also develoment tools and Oracle products - Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server. This is ideal for schools which want to integrate technology and  teaching materials into study programs.

The third way Enterprise Business Application is used by faculties and universities, focused on business and informatics. Students, who passed it, are prepared for broad variety of professions from financies, healthcare and telecommunication.

At present, the interest of technical schools in Oracle Academy membership is rising. The advantage is the choice either to install software and products into own systems or access the software via web browser. At present, Oracle Academy has 34 high schools, 12 universities and higher vocational schools. 

Local activities

Above the corporate program, Oracle Academy in Czech Republic is involved in other local activities. At present it is creating its own educational strategy for next steps and next, the most effective cooperation with schools.

Next, other actions organized within Oracle Academy are Oracle Roadshow, held in cooperation with universities, technological meetings with university students, seminars for teachers and high school students, and many others.

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Within the database teaching in ÚAI, it is possible to gain the certificate, issued in cooperation with Oracle Czech Republic. This certificate both proves passing of database course and entitles to have a discount for gaining Oracle commercial certificate. See the offer here. For detailed information ask Mr. Miloš Prokýšek.