BarkBeeDet aims at investigating the detection of trees infested by bark beetle at an early stage (green-attack-stage) using methods of UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle)-based imaging with recent sensors of different kinds. Recently, early stage detection is only possible by ground inspections, which is labour intensive and - depending on the terrain - sometimes difficult to maintain. UAV-based methods have the potential to capture larger areas systematically at relatively low effort. Our goal is to develop a complete workflow that comprises all methodological aspects from imaging to image analysis and the production of geo-information. Further, we expect deeper insight in the nature of bark beetle infestion and the necessary remote sensing methods to detect it at an early stage (necessary sensors, scale, mission dates, etc.) and to monitor the course of infestation. The project's test sites are located in the national parks Bayerischer Wald (Germany) and Sumava (Czech Republic).