The University of South Bohemia and Technical University in Deggendorf follow this trend and for this purpose they decided to join forces and cooperate to prepare common master's study program „Artificial intelligence and data science“.

Companies around the world and in all industries are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence (AI) and high-volume data processing to implement Industry 4.0. Optimization methods, in turn, are supported by economic and social structures in the border region, which is doubly true at a time of high labor market saturation.

Project description and goals

Universities in the CZ-BY border region, Deggendorf University of Technology and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, together I am preparing a follow-up master's degree program in English on the topic of "AI and Data Science". The aim of the project is not only to prepare a joint study program, but also to overcome legal, linguistic and cultural barriers in both regions to regional cooperation in education. A central element of the project is the establishment of a state-of-the-art laboratory on both sides of the border, which will be an integral part of supporting education and research in this area. Within this laboratory, it will be possible to practically acquire skills and deepen knowledge of various AI methods thanks to the newly acquired HW and SW. An equally important task of the project is also to reduce cultural and social barriers and differences between countries. Long-term networks will be established between the two regions and, together with universities, regional companies will be actively involved in the preparation and implementation of the masters program and joint research activities, so as to ensure that the study program is in line with their needs and interests. The project will thus contribute to the development of the region over time by preparing graduates in an area that will become increasingly promising and, with the continued development of infrastructure, also more in demand among employers. Cooperation with the most developed federal state will thus create a strong bond in the field of higher education between regions, which will go beyond the time frame of the project in the long run.

Key data

Project goals

Project name

Příprava společného přeshraničního magisterského studia AI a Data Science ve spolupráci Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences (THD).

Zřízení a provoz laboratoře AI pro výzkum a výuku.

Podpora rozvoje dolno-bavorského a jihočeského Industry 4.0 přípravou odborníků v oblasti AI a DS.

Posílení hospodářské spolupráce mezi těmito dvěma regiony.

Topic of research
Information technology and Industry 4.0
Project time range
01.03.2019 - 28.02.2022
Program of cross-border cooperation Bavaria - Czech Republic Cíl EÚS 2014–2020
Main solver
Ing. Rudolf Vohnout, Ph.D.