Department of robotics and embedded systems

The Department of Robotics and Embedded Systems is the official part od the Institute from 1.1.2014, when the restructuralization of the Department of Computer Science was done. This department is involved in teaching of specialized subjects and research activities.

Laboratory of Robotics and Microcomputer Technology

The department has a new laboratory at the Faculty of Science in the building C.
Room number: 2011, 2012.
Telephone: +420 389 036 256.

Laboratoř robotiky Budova C Budova C1

People in the laboratory

Educational activity

Members of the Department of Robotics and Microcomputer Technology provide the following subjects. These subjects are related to the specialization of the department and thus the interconnection of various areas of information technology and subsequent application to the area of robotics and microcomputer technology.

  • Týdenní praktikum robotiky
  • Seminář výpočetní inteligence
  • Navrhování mikropočítačových systémů
  • Operační systém Linux
  • Operační systémy I
  • Operační systémy II
  • Programování iPad/iPhone
  • Teorie informace
  • Počítače a mob. zařízení Apple - prakt.
  • Smart Device Systems
  • Navrhování mikropočítač. syst. pro učit.
  • Bash Programming

Members of the department also provide teaching of other specialized IT technology subjects that are not directly related to the department's focus.

Scientific activity

An integral part of the department is scientific research, especially in the areas of: microcomputer technology, intelligent houses, mobile and parallel robotics, embeded systems, augmented reality.  


Video in ScienceZOOM

Within the project ScienceZOOM, the brief promotional video of microcomputer technology and robotics at PřF JU, was created. lunch the video >>>

Science in every G 

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, an event took place in the Géčko shopping center, during which representatives of the entire university showed visitors various fields of science in an entertaining way. The Department of Robotics and Microcomputer Technology provided one of the stations for the event under the above name. For more information >>>