Supervised Ph.D. theses

 Barbora Karaffova, M.Sc. „ Molecular biology and structural studies of Sigma54 and Salp25D proteins.“ Planed to year:  2020

 Andrii Mazur, M.Sc. „X-ray and neutron diffraction study of selected haloalkane dehalogenases.“ Planned to year: 2020

 Iuliia Iermak, Ph.D. „Structural approach to biotechnological problems.“ 12.05.2017 

 Katsiaryna Tratsiak, M.Sc. „Complex study of selected haloalkane dehalogenases – new approaches.“ Planned to year: 2017

 Ekaterina Sviridova, Ph.D. „Crystallographic study of the iron-regulated outer membrane lipoprotein (FrpD) from Neisseria meningitidis.“ 26.9.2016

 Oksana Degtjarik, Ph.D. „Crystallization and structure-functional studies of bacterial haloalkane dehalogenases and His phosphotransfer protein AHP2 from model plant A. thaliana.“ 28.11.2014

 Maryna Lahoda, Ph.D. „Crystallographic study of haloalkane dehalogenase DhaA mutant variants DhaA12 and DhaA31 and analysis of substrate biodegradation by DhaA31.“ 25.9.2013

 Julie Wolfová, Ph.D. „Insight into the structure of tetrameric flavoprotein WrbA involved in oxidative-stress response.“ 5.9.2012

 Alena Stsiapanava, Ph.D. „Selected mutants of haloalkane dehalogenase (DhaA) as a subject for structural and functional studies.“ 28.1.2011

 Tatyana Prudnikova, Ph.D. ,,Crystallization, structural and modeling studies of photosynthetic membrane protein and water soluble haloalkane dehalogenase.“  08.12.2011

  Mikalai Lapkouski, Ph.D. ,,Structure of the motor subunit and translocation model for EcoR124I restriction-modification complex 16.10.2008

 Ivana Tomčová, Ph.D. „New alternative crystallization techniques used for improving crystal morphology and diffraction quality of protein crystals.“ 22.11.2007