Update on the use of university or faculty logo in theses


Due to the new university visual style introduced few years ago, we update the information on the use of (any) university or faculty logo in bachelor and master theses.

Two informations ar eimportant for students:

- the university logo (either the new one or the older emblem) can not be used in bachelor or master theses! Students submitting theses containing such a logo will be asked to bring a new version of the theses without such a  logo/emblem ,

- it is possible to use the new faculty logo (the new visual style) - but in that case you MUST fulfill all the requirements related to the use of the new visual style (see the relevant provision of the rector).

Therefore, we DO NOT RECOMMEND to ue any logo/emblem in your theses at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry It means, do not use any logo on the first page of theses, leave that space empty.