Assignment of Bsc. and MSc. theses

Students should submit an assignment of their Bsc. or Msc. theses ASAP; bachelor students ideally in the Winter semester of their second year of studies and master students in the Winter semester of their first year of studies.

Fill in the assignment of the Bachelor and Master thesis form with your supervisor - how to do it:

  • your supervisor should fill in the title, short information on the thesis (what and how will be done, what are the aims), financial sources for the work
  • if your supervisor is NOT affiliated with the University of South Bohemia at all (employed at a different institution), you will need also a guarantor from the Faculty of Science, in other words, an employee of our Faculty.
  • Study program: Biological Chemistry, Department: Department of Chemistry
  • Head of the Department - Prof. F. Vácha
  • Study Programme Supervisor - Prof. F. Vácha
  • if you will work at some institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, you will need also a signature from its director

Once you have all the signatures, hand in one copy of the assignment to the Dept. of Study Affairs (Dr. Říčanová) and one to the secretary of the Department of Chemistry, M. Kučerová (Bldg. C, 2nd floor). In the current situation (SARS-CoV-2 pandemics), you can hand in only an electronic version of the assignment with all the signatures - send it to the e-mail addresses: ricanova (at), kucerovam (at) In such a case, there are several possibilities on how to prepare the electronic version. One of the possibilities: print the assignment and sign it, then send a scan to the next person, which must sign the form. This will print and sign the form and then send a scan to the next person ...

We prepared some instructions for students preparing their Bachelor and Masters theses. DO NOT forget to include the "thesis declaration" - you can find the actual version of the Faculty website (in Information for Students) and consult also your supervisor on how to prepare the thesis.