Rules and recommendations for writing of Bsc. and MSc. theses

The rules are mandatory for all theses to be defended at the Department of Chemistry FS USB. In the event of any of points 2 to 6 being unfulfilled the student will not be permitted to defence their thesis, i.e. the thesis will be evaluated as grade 4 (FAIL).

Update on the use of university or faculty logo in theses

Rules for writing bachelor and master theses at the Department of Chemistry.

Recommendations on writing of bachelor and master theses at Department of Chemistry

Please, DO NOT forget about the provision of the vice-dean on the writing the BSc and MSc theses (P1)!

For students working on their MASTERS theses in Linz:

even though you work in Linz, you need to fill in the Assignment of master thesis and submit it in Budweis (Study Dept.) with all the signatures - this is needed for the subsequent uploading of your finished thesis. You can do this anytime during your study, but the simplest and best will be, if you submit the assignment as soon as possible; you will not need to think about it when you are finishing.

When you finish your thesis, you need to upload your thesis in the STAG system.

Bachelor students and master students working in Budweis - of course, you need to submit the assignment as well. The sooner, the better. And of course, also upload your thesis into the STAG system.