About Department of Physics

The Department of Physics is in the building C, finished in 2013, including laboratories (physics laboratories, electronics and audio equipment, laboratory of automation and electrical engineering), research laboratories (optical lab, laboratory of plasmas, laboratory of electronics and audio equipment), computing clusters and offices for staff and students. This background is available to students of Bachelor subjects (Physics, Physics Education, Biophysics, Measurement and Computing Technology, Mechatronics), master's degree (physical measurements and modelling, studies for high school physics teachers, biophysics) and doctoral field Biophysics.


  • Guest lecture by Dr. Azade YAZDAN YAR
    Please accept invitation for a seminar: "Atomistic simulation of bio-relevant ionic and organic species interacting with rutile" by Azade YAZDAN YAR based on her Ph.D. thesis defended in Materials Science, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. >

  • Publication in Nature Astronomy
    Dr. Pradeep Kumar Kayshap from the Department of Physics published a paper in Nature Astronomy. >

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Department of Physics
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Head of the Department of Physics
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Magdalena Kučerová
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Rhode Schwarz