Bachelor studies

Here you can find some informations about offered studies at the Department of Physics and Biophysics. More informations you can find in the Czech version.


Biophysics a degree course in the world is a wide range of programs, from physics, quantum mechanical, biochemical over until after the (molecular) biological; Generally, however, can be described as the science that studies biological systems using experimental methods based on physical principles.

Physics education

Bachelor degree in Physics Education degree program of Physics, Faculty of Science was created as a result of structuring the existing five-year teacher education programs for physics teachers for secondary schools at the bachelor's and master's degree. During the study Bachelor's degree student acquire knowledge and learn about the variety of experimental techniques from different areas of physics.


Bachelor program Physics was recently at the Faculty as one of the degree programs that will specialize direction of teaching, learning and research at the Faculty of Science.

Measuring and Computer Technology

Bachelor degree Measuring and computer technology is offered full-time and combined study. Graduates are able to move in terms of technical, detail to understand the problems encountered in practice and find their own solutions.


Bachelor branch Mechatronics offers interdisciplinary education in blended with a combination of electronics and electrical engineering, information technology and computer science and engineering.