Nabídka témat kvalifikačních prací

 Glycomic and glycoproteomic profile of ticks and other blood-feeding arthropods.  Dr. Ján Štěrba
Localization of sialylated and fucosylated glycans in biological samples using bioorthogonal chemistry. Dr. Ján Štěrba
Analysis of N-glycosylation sites in blood-feedign arthropods (bioinformatics) Dr. Ján Štěrba
Preparation of reecombinant PNGase H+ and its use in analysis of athropod glycans. Dr. Ján Štěrba
Identification of promotors for use in preparation of recombinant proteins in tick cells. Dr. Ján Štěrba
Glycolytic activity in fish seminal fluids Dr. Ján Štěrba
Detection of antiviral proteins isoforms in human neural cells infected by TBEV. Prof. Libor Grubhoffer
Detection of allergenogenic αGal epitopes in ticks Dr. Ján Štěrba