• Are you a CZECH student learning English or another language?

  • Do you want to improve your language skills for free?

  • Do you need to practice your language skills for an exam or presentation?

  • Do you like learning with another person?

  • Are you an INTERNATIONAL student?

  • Do you like meeting new people?

  • Do you want to learn Czech in an informal way?

  • Are you happy to teach a  foreigner your native language?


If your answer is yes to any of these questions, contact us to be matched with a partner to learn and teach languages.

 In a Czech-Czech Learning Tandem for English you can:

  • prepare together for exams or presentations
  • discuss specialty terms in your field of study and practice using them
  • solve exercises and other tasks together
  • proofread each other’s writing
  • chat and hang out in English!

 In an International Learning Tandem you can:

  • learn from your partner
  • correct each other’s mistakes
  • learn about life in other countries
  • share activities:  cooking food from other countries, doing sports, visiting theatres and museums, going on trips and city tours, watching films in the original language, playing party games together!

We also provide consultations to discuss your study plans and an optional syllabus which you can use to expand your skills in a pleasant and challenging way.

If you are interested in finding your Tandem partner, you can join our TANDEM Facebook group.
Or write to us at tandem(at)prf.jcu.cz.