Writing Clinic

The writing clinic is for students and members of staff who want to improve their written English. The clinic offers free consultations to university students and staff to work individually with their language issues.

We do not offer proofreading but instead provide a detailed and tailored response to clients’ language problems. We then provide guidance and support in correcting and overcoming these issues, not just in one troublesome paper but permanently.

WC logoThe clinic offers assistance with the following aspects of writing (and more):

  • generating ideas, planning, pre-writing and re-drafting
  • working with academic vocabulary, synonyms, and correct register
  • paraphrasing, summarising and plagiarism issues
  • consistency, coherence and clarity of writing

 We can provide advice and support in writing:

  • abstracts, articles and essays
  • posters, presentations
  • CV’s, cover letters and formal emails
  • grant applications and research proposals

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