Obhajoba rigorózní práce Mgr. Kateřiny Snopkové

Středa 7.4.2021 v 10:00 ONLINE v MS Teams

Název práce: Genome sequences of two Antarctic strains of Pseudomonas prosekii: insights into adaptation to extreme conditions

Anotace: Pseudomonas is ubiquitous bacterial genus with the high biotechnological potential. Pseudomonas prosekii is species recently described from James Ross Island (Antarctica). Although its endemic lifestyle could be assumed, its low-temperature adaptation mechanisms have not yet been described and understood. Therefore, we sequenced two P. prosekii strains and performed deep genome analysis with a special respect to the genes related to cold adaptation. We identified and analyzed the genes responsible for cold shock and oxidative stress response, osmoregulation, exopolysaccharide and siderophores production, and biofilm formation. Comparative genome analysis of P. prosekii and P. aeruginosa PAO1 highlighted differences in genome content between extremophile species and a mesophilic opportunistic pathogen.