PhD obhajoba Jana Kotála

Úterý 15. 12. 2020 v 10:00

Obhajoba online v MS Teams

Functional analysis of tick salivary serine and cysteine protease inhibitors

The proposed thesis focuses on the characterization of two protease inhibitors
present in tick saliva. More specifically, the thesis presents
immunomodulatory properties, biochemical specificity and structure of a
cysteine protease inhibitor named Iristatin. Another characterized protein,
IRS-8, comes from a serpin family (serine protease inhibitors) and inhibits
blood coagulation and complement system in the host. Furthermore, the thesis
provides a literature overview and discussion of tick salivary molecules in the
context of tick-host-pathogen interaction, vaccination potential and medicine
potential. Two review manuscripts, which are part of this thesis summarize
the effects of tick saliva and protease inhibitors on host immune mechanisms.