Katedra molekulární biologie a genetiky
Department of molecular biology and genetics

Ph.D. pozice v Centru Algatech, Třeboň

Roman Sobotka
Institute of Microbiology
Centre Algatech, Trebon
Czech Republic
Email: sobotka@alga.cz
Web pages: www.alga.cz/sobotka‐lab.html
Phone: +420‐384‐340491

Fascinated by photosynthesis? Keen to work on the most amazing molecular machinery evolved by nature?

Photosynthesis is a fundamental biochemical process on Earth evolved by cyanobacteria around 3 billion years ago. During the process of
photosynthesis two large membrane protein complexes called photosystem I and II work as a couple to convert energy of photons into chemical
energy. Assembled from tens of protein subunits and many cofactors photosystems belong to the most complex nano‐machines evolved by nature.
Our group studies biogenesis of photosynthetic membrane and the life‐cycle of photosynthetic complexes. In the laboratory we use a very broad
spectrum of techniques including construction of mutants, various ‐omics, state‐of‐art biochemistry (protein pull‐down, different chromatography,
2D gels, radiolabelling), biophysics, confocal and electron microscopy. Our favorite model is the unicellular cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC
We are looking for a motivated PhD student for a multidisciplinary project dealing with the regulatory role of tetrapyrroles (chlorophyll and
heme) during the biogenesis of photosynthetic apparatus. The project builds upon our recent discoveries revealing the role of (heme‐producing)
ferrochelatase enzyme as the master‐controller of the whole photosynthetic metabolism.

Selected publications
Bučinská, L, Kiss, É, Koník, P, Knoppová, J, Komenda, J, Sobotka, R. The Ribosome‐Bound Protein Pam68 Promotes Insertion of Chlorophyll into the CP47 Subunit of Photosystem II. Plant Physiol 176, 2931‐2942, 2018.
Staleva, H, Komenda, J, Shukla, MK, Šlouf, V, Kaňa, R, Polívka, T, Sobotka, R. Mechanism of photoprotection in the cyanobacterial ancestor of plant antenna protein. Nature Chem Biol 11, 287‐291, 2015.
Knoppová, J, Sobotka, R, Tichý, M, Yu, J, Halada, P, Nixon, PJ, Komenda. Discovery of a Chlorophyll Binding Protein Complex Involved in the Early Steps of Photosystem II Assembly in Synechocystis. Plant Cell 26, 1200‐1212, 2014.
Chidgey, JW, Linhartová, M, Komenda, J, Jackson, PJ, Dickman, MJ, Caniffe, DP, Pilný, J, Hunter, N, Sobotka, R. A Cyanobacterial Chlorophyll Synthase‐HliD Complex Associates with the Ycf39 Protein and the YidC/Alb3 Insertase. Plant Cell 26, 1267‐1279, 2014.