Chemistry Seminars Winter Semester 2020


Chemistry seminars will be held online via MS TEAMS. If you are interested in the seminars, contact us (sterbaj (at) regarding the links for the meetings.

5. 11. 2020

Writing of theses (J. Sterba)


12. 11. 2020

Petra Havlíčková: Production of TBEV NS5 protein for structural studies.

Hüseyin Evci: Analyzing the hydration and mobility of the active site of haloalkane-dehalogenase enzymes (HLDs). 

Moritz Keller


19. 11. 2020

Tereza Kozelková: Lipolytic system in the development of the hard tick Ixodes ricinus

Barbora Kaščáková: Structural Characterization of Ixodes ricinus Serpins


26. 11. 2020

Hana Pechová: Analysis of trypsin inhibitor-like cysteine-rich domain-containing peptides (TIL-domain inhibitors) from the tick Ixodes ricinus

Anna Marie Mikulecká: Diversity of mycorrhizal communities in roots of selected grassland plant species

Kateřina Malinová, Phycobilin pigments as building blocks of artificial light-harvesting structures


3. 12. 2020

Libor Hejduk

Laura Zellner, Preparation of antibodies to determine the association of mitoribosomal complexes with mitochondrial membrane

 Mirjam Odermatt, Investigation of stability and dynamics of photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes using optical spectroscopy

 Lisa Pulferer, Occurrence of the cALAs gene in the BCCO Actinomycetes collection and cultivation improvements for the overproduction of secondary metabolites in soil associated Actinomycetes

 Katharina Wiener, Creating an in-vitro model system for studying phase separation in virus assembly


10. 12. 2020

from 3:30 p.m.: guest lecture Nanofluidic scattering microscopy by Dr. B. Spackova (see info here)

 Seminars on 17. 12. and 7. 1. are canceled, the next term will be sometimes in the second half of January and it will be announced later.


Alexandra Kogler, Characterization of Bartonella species infecting North American Triatominae (kissing bugs)

 Anna Gradl, Comparison of irbesartan microbial transformation processes in pure cultures and consortia

Pavlína Kočová

Sara Shojaei

 Simon Halas: Expression, purification and crystallization of the putative transcriptional regulator MSMEG_6227 from Mycobacteria

Aylin Paktan: The interaction of Borrelia outer surface proteins with tick salivary proteins