Nabídka BIOCEVu pro případnou spolupráci - využití vybavení CMS (Center of Molecular Structure)

Dopis - informace o Centru Molekulární Struktury (CMS), odkazy na podrobné informace týkající se přístrojového vybavení a souvisejících služeb

Letter - information about the newly established state-of-the-art IBT facility “Center of Molecular Structure” (CMS), links to details regarding instrumentation and associated services

Níže dopis adresovaný rektorovi JU. Zájemci o nabízenou návštěvu CMS nebo uspořádání semináře o CMS na JU, kontaktujte, nejlépa jako skupina zájemců.

From: Vellieux Frédéric []
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2016 3:12 PM
To: rektor <>; Uherová Jaroslava Ing. <>; Dvořáková Dagmar Mgr. <>
Subject: presentation of the CMS

 Dear Madam / Sir,

 The newly established state-of-the-art IBT facility “Center of Molecular Structure” (CMS), located within the BIOCEV centre (, wishes to introduce its unique scientific equipment and associated services to you and your colleagues.

The goal of CMS is to offer access to our unique technology platform to scientists from both the academic and industrial communities (pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agricultural companies) in the Czech Republic and abroad. The expertise of CMS covers a wide range of needs of researchers in structural biology. Our expertise encompasses the following fields: biophysical investigations of macromolecules; crystallisation; crystal structure determination by X-ray crystallography; structural mass spectrometry. The facility also provides proper support for its users in all stages of project implementation, from sample preparation and/or control, data acquisition, to data processing and evaluation.

Among the state-of-the-art equipment and associated services provided by the Centre, the following may be noted:

•             precise biophysical characterisation of proteins and nucleic acids using e.g. microscale thermophoresis, isothermal or differential scanning calorimetry, measurements of intrinsinc protein fluorescence etc;

•             automated set-up of crystallisation plates using robotics;

•             web-based (remote) inspection of the crystallisation experiments in a Formulatrix crystal hotel;

•             latest technology in X-ray generation and detection using a Bruker D8 venture diffractometer with liquid Gallium X-ray source and Photon II detector – the device is also equipped with a stage for in-situ diffraction experiments;

•             structural mass spectrometry investigations using the latest Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance technology using our Bruker Daltonics 15T-Solarix XR FT-ICR mass spectrometer, with electrospray and MALDI ion sources.

Details regarding instrumentation and associated services can be found on the CMS and CIISB web pages (in particular and

The CMS is a member of the Czech Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology (CIISB, through which access to the facility is obtained. The CMS is also a member of the European network Instruct (for Integrating Biology, and we are led to collaborate with other laboratories, members of the Instruct network.

We would greatly appreciate if you could forward this information to your colleagues. If there is interest from your side, we could either invite you and colleagues to visit the CMS, or organise a seminar in your Institute, with a brief presentation of the facility giving you the opportunity to discuss the services offered here at CMS.


I look forward to hear from you on this matter.

 Best regards,


Fred. Vellieux (Ph.D., HDR)

Head of the Centre of Molecular Structure

Institute of Biotechnology AS CR, v. v. i., BIOCEV

Prumyslova 595

252 50 Vestec

Czech Republic

Tel +420 325 873 786

PS: you may contact me in English, or if you prefer to use the Czech language the best person to contact would be Jan Dohnalek,

enclosures: letter in English and in Czech


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