Alosterická komunikace v membránových proteinových komplexech a její propojení s konformační dynamikou na mnoha časových škálách


Allosteric communication in membrane protein complexes linked to conformational transitions on multiple timescales.


Allosterically modulated molecular machines mediate many of the key processes in all forms of life. The Sec translocon, a membrane bound protein complex, is the principal route for the efficient transport of heterogeneous polypeptides across or into lipid bilayers. The bacterial translocon consists of two main parts, a cytosolic ATPase SecA and membrane channel SecYEG. Based on our group’s recent findings we propose that the Sec translocon is a novel type of stochastically coupled hybrid molecular machine, where the processive SecA steers the energy landscape of a stochastic SecYEG channel allosterically dependent on nucleotide state. We present a research project to map the full allosteric network regulating different stages of protein translocation in the Sec complex using a combination of single-molecule and in silico methods.

Fessl Tomáš Ph.D.

Katedra chemie