Sukcese vegetace na širokých geografických škálách: Uzrál čas pro meta-analýzy


Patterns of vegetation succession at broad geographical scales: The time is ripe for comparative studies and meta-analyses


Current successional theory lacks an integration across broad geographical scales. Most successional research addresses site‐ or process‐specific questions, but extrapolation of the findings to broader spatial and temporal scales is rare. Comparative studies of either many seres or one sere over a broad geographical scale are really scarce. In this project we would like to analyse vegetation succession across broad geographical scales with a focus on the latitudinal gradient in Europe. For this we use both our own and literary data summarized in the European Database of Successional Series (EDaSS). We will test hypotheses especially concerning the probability a succession reaches a target stage, rate of succession, type of trajectory, trends in species number and the number of target and invasive species, all in relationships to latitude, climate, and biomes. Besides contributions to the theory of ecological succession, we expect implications to ecological restoration, and nature conservancy across the continent.

Prach Karel prof.

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