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Brief study outline

The study takes two years divided into four semesters. During this time, students must obtain 120 ECTS credits. Work on master thesis (incl. presentation of your research on two seminars) accounts for 56 credits, 40 credits must be acquired from the core courses and the remaining 24 credits from core or additional courses.

A master thesis based on a research project must be submitted and defended at a committee of lecturers.

A committee also evaluates student's knowledge at a final state exam composed of three parts: Fundamentals of Ecology, a field of student's choice (Plant ecology, Animal Ecology or Ecological statistics) and Theoretical background of the master thesis topic and methodology.

There is effectively no tuition but a small study fee 20 € per year. There are also no regular scholarships for everyone, but there are a few scholarships for excellent students.

More detailed information can be found on the section for students, official information can be found on the main faculty website.