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Practical information

This page provides you with the basic practical information to help you find your way in Czechia:

Living costs

As a former east-block country, the living costs are way lower in Czechia compared to west European countries. These table represents prices of 2021, an inflation of about 15% in 2022 is rising all prices considerably.

CZK (Kč)

EUR (€)

exchange rate

25 (-26)


dormitory: 1 bed per month (double room - single room)
- cost of a bed in a shared student flat is similar

2700 - 4200

110 - 170

lunch in university cafeteria

25 - 45

1 - 1.8

lunch in pub (work-day lunch menu)

150 - 300 (100)

6 - 12 (4)

beer 0.5l in pub
- beer is disproportionately cheap here, other beverages are more expensive

30 - 45

1.2 - 1.8

train and bus ticket from Prague to České Budějovice (train and bus with student discount)

169, 165, (66, 41)

6.7 (2.6, 1.6)

bus ticket within České Budějovice



You can check Numbeo to see quite realistic estimates of the local prices. Note that the prices differ between the centre of a capital and outskirts of coutryside town: you will rarely see over-average prices around the university campus.


Most of the building of the Faculty of Science are located in the campus of the University of South Bohemia and Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Science.


University dormitories
link (Czech only, but you can see photos), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., English price list
Excerpt from price-list (spring 2022):
- cheapest: a bed in a double-bed room with bathrooms shared on the whole floor (3300 CZK).
- apartment-like: a bed in a double-bed room with bathroom shared with 4 students only (3900 CZK).
- private: a bed in a single-bed room with private bathroom (5700 CZK)

Private dormitory Pedagog
link (English, but not working on some devices)
Excerpt from price-list (spring 2022):
- a bed in a double-bed room with private bathroom (6250 CZK)
- a single-bed room with private bathroom (14750 CZK)

Shared student apartments
The prices are similar to dormitories ranging from 3000 CZK / bed for the cheapest fully occupied apartments to about 6000 CZK for a single room. Prices over 8000 CZK are considered too expensive, unless you want a whole little apartment just for yourself.

Accommodation scholarship
Most students are eligible for accommodation scholarship, which is 540 CZK monthly (2022), paid quarterly. Students are to apply in STAG.


Schedules of all Czech public transport companies can be easily searched on IDOS portal, which is also in English.

Individual companies differ in their policy on student discounts, but all of them provide a considerable discount for students under 26 years. Some companies accept ISIC, most companies require a Czech student transport card (issued at any bus or train station), the city buses in České Budějovice issue their own pre-paid student card.

Due to the location of the town on a flat floodplain, bikes are very common, and bikesharing become very popular in last years. Many students consider buying a second-hand bike for around 2000 CZK.

Administrative requirements

Foreign nationals must follow specific rules, which differ upon the country of their origin. Generally, there are much lower requirements for EU citizens than for other nationals. A comprehensive summary of the requirements can be found here. Before arrival, you should contact your Czech consulate regarding visa. After arrival, the International Office of the Faculty or University can help you with the residency issues here.

All long-stay foreigners (incl. EU) must register at the Foreign Police. Funnily, rarely anyone there speaks English, so you would need a Czech buddy to go there with you...


The language is Czech - a Slavic language partly intelligible for speakers of related languages, but usually quite difficult for other foreigners. The main foreign language is English followed by German and Russian. English is mostly spread among young people, at the universities, in town centres, so you will mostly find your way. At the same time, stories about conductors of international trains or foreign police clerks who cannot say a word in any foreign language are not uncommon... Google Translate makes quite good translations nowadays.

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Branišovská 1645/31a, 370 05 České Budějovice Tel. 387 776 201 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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