General information

The admission procedure follows the Decision of the Dean. Below is a list of the most important points.

Eligible applicants are to hold a Bachelor's degree based on at least 3-year university study of any field. Certified copy of the degree is not required for application, but will be required by the university for enrollment, and it is strongly recommended to deliver it as soon as possible (even before admission) to speed up the visa process.

In the first round of the admission procedure, the admission committee evaluates the motivational letters. Shortlisted candidates are invited for the second round based on an on-line interview. We will evaluate:

  • scope of ecological knowledge,
  • research interests, experience, and plans,
  • ability to communicate in English at a level sufficient for the study.


You can apply by submitting:

  • application: on-line form with your personal data
  • motivational letter: introduce yourself, your previous experience in ecology, and describe your Bachelor’s (or similar) research project, on up to one A4 page. The form of the letter is not specified.
  • application fee: 500 CZK or 20 EUR

The University does not require any other documents for application, but your Bachelor's certificate will be required later for admission.

e-application Submit your application on-line .

The e-application includes payment of the application fee by card. Alternatively, you can pay the application fee by bank transfer:
Account number: 104725778/0300
IBAN: CZ20 0300 0000 0001 0472 5778
Variable symbol: 6020106
Specific symbol: date of birth in the form YYMMDD
Payment note: full name

Important dates:

New students are admitted twice a year with usual application deadlines around mid May (start of study in mid September) and end of October (start of study in mid February). The coming aplication dates are:

  • application procedure opens: August 2021
  • deadline for applications: 31 October 2021
  • interview and decision on admission: November 2021
  • start of study: February 2022 (enrollment: 7 – 11 Feb*, start of lectures: 14 Feb)
    * postponement possible in case of prolonged visa procedure.

Certification of Bachelor's degree

You are to submit a certified hardcopy of your Bachelor's diploma which is to be recognized by our Vice-dean for Bachelor and Master Studies. The types of diplomas/certificates and legal requirements differ widely between countries. It is therefore recommended to send us ( in advance just a scan of your documents and we will inform you about what is required from you. There are various levels of document authentication and translation to Czech or English may be required in some cases.

Although we do not require your Bachelor's certificate for application, it is required for admission. The University cannot issue the official letter of admission before your certificate is received. In this case, we can send you only an informal letter of conditional admission, which is not sufficient for the visa application! Therefore, we strongly recommend sending us the certificate as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delay.

International addministration - visa

In addition to the requirements of the University, you will need to undergo a standard migration procedure depending on the country of your origin before arrival (visa, residency issues, insurance...). Please, read a summary of the most important requirements here, or contact our international coordinator if you need assistance with residency issues.

Note that obtaining student visa takes months in most countries and the process is further hindered by limited operation of Czech consulates due to covid. You can make the process faster by:

  • applying in advance for all documents required by the consulate
  • posting us in advance your Bachelor's degree certificate
  • applying for Student Facilitation Programme (via University)

Student Facilitation Programme ("Režim Student" in Czech) enables priority arrangement of a meeting at the consulate, so that you do not wait long to submit your application (you get a date within two weeks). However, you must have originals of all necessary documents gathered already (i.e. not scans, not just letter of conditional acceptance but the unconditional one...). This implies, that before applying for the Student regime, you must send us the authenticated copy of you Bachelors degree, and after receiving, we will send you back the letter of acceptance as well as the accommodation contract. Note that posting the documents takes several weeks.

Additional information

See the students' section for more information on the enrollment, further course of the study, fees, scholarships etc.

Applicants from some countries can also apply for a scholarship of Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. This scholarship is out of our control, see detailed information on the ministry website or contact Czech consulate in your country.