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Museum Uploaded

Cross-border cooperation program Czech Republic - Free State of Bavaria EUC goal 2014 – 2020

Museum Uploaded – Digital technology for cross-border interactive cooperation of museums

Project partners: Stadt Deggendorf, Powder Museum in Písek, Technische Hochschule Deggendorf

Schedule: 1/9/2017 – 31/8/2020

Project budget: EUR 1,830,330.39

The goal of the project is to create interdisciplinary, visitor-oriented, barrier-free and multimedia presentations of preserved cultural heritage in the mutual cooperation of partners, and at the same time to develop new applied technologies in the field of museums and archives in the long term and flexibly.

The leading partner of the project is the Municipal Museum in Deggendorf (Stadt Deggendorf – Stadtmuseum), other partners are the Powder Museum in Písek and the Technical University in Deggendorf.
The project aims to innovate existing and develop completely new technologies, which will subsequently be used for the first time in the field of museums. The Technical University in Deggendorf (Freyung Campus) and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (Department of Informatics and Institute of Archiving and PVH) are collaborating on the development of a new digital exhibition system. The museums in Deggendorf and Písek serve as exemplary case studies. During the joint scientific work of the two museums, topics and materials that affect cultural heritage in a cross-border context will be collected and processed with the help of museum-didactic methods using digital strategies. The museums here will function as laboratories, in which different developmental approaches of universities to the presentation and visualization of museum materials are discussed together, their suitability for use is verified and feedback is captured. The peculiarity of this concept from the perspective of information technology and media creation is the connection of digital media with the use of modern server and Internet technologies, both for the needs of permanent exhibitions and also for new forms of presentation with the aim of rendering spatial and temporal data. An important part of this technical solution is the creation of a central data storage system that meets the requirements for long-term archiving of electronic data. This sustainable system will ensure permanent visualization of data and metadata in museum presentations and enable data exchange with other institutions.
These systems will be implemented in museums for the need to present information: The Deggendorf Municipal Museum, one of the largest exhibition houses in Lower Bavaria, and the Práchenské Museum in Písek, a regional museum awarded with a European award, are preparing current and attractive new exhibitions as well as the expansion of existing exhibitions as part of a joint project and equipping them with modern technologies.

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