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Master program Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics

General information for prospective students, for additional information please contact Department of Student Affairs.

Guarantor of the Master program Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics: doc. Mgr. Tomáš Doležal, Ph.D.

The aim of the program is to (1) deepen students' knowledge of molecular and cell biology and genetics and (2) prepare students for independent professional / scientific work in the laboratory. Students therefore take lectures and practical courses necessary for application not only in modern biological research, either basic or applied, but also in practice in forensic and clinical laboratories and biotechnology companies. The aim is to educate independent graduates who are familiar with the most modern approaches of molecular biology and genetics and are able to process and present the results of scientific work. The result of the study is also an experimentally oriented diploma thesis, which should have the ambition to become a basis for a scientific publication.

The acquired knowledge and skills will enable the graduate to continue his / her academic career in doctoral studies primarily in the fields of cell and molecular biology and genetics, but also in the fields of molecular physiology, biochemistry, biomedicine and, in certain cases, bioinformatics. Thanks to the modern wide application of molecular biology, however, graduates have a very good chance to find their place in the application sphere - in clinical diagnostic laboratories, forensic genetic laboratories, or as service specialists and technicians in various service laboratories and biotechnology companies.

Experimental diploma theses focus mainly on the areas of interest of scientific groups associated under the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, located at the Faculty of Science and closely cooperating institutes of the Biology Center ASCR. These areas include the characterization of molecular and cellular processes such as cyanobacteria photosynthesis, metabolism and gene expression in parasitic protozoa to find new targets for treatment, ticks immune processes and pathogen transfer mechanisms, cellular signaling on the classical model organism Drosophila melanogaster, epigenetic mechanisms in plant models. Further studies of molecular evolution and characterization of unicellular eukaryotes, molecular mechanisms of co-evolution of host and parasite / symbiont, molecular cytogenetics and study of sex chromosome evolution in arthropods, through cytogenetics and genomic approaches in plant models. Scientific interests also include studying molecular mechanisms that affect biological processes at the whole organism level, such as regulating metabolism during immune response in the Drosophila melanogaster model, studying insect hormonal regulation and diapause, and studying the molecular mechanisms of circadian and photoperiodic clocks in insects. Last but not least, it is also the study of the regulation of early mouse development and molecular mechanisms of insect development.

A prospective student should complete in his previous undergraduate studies basic courses of biochemistry, genetics, cell and molecular biology and practical training in basic molecular biology methods.

Courses recommended for the Master program Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics:

KMB 218 Epigenetics
KMB 759 Genetics - the Molecular Approach
KMB 358 Introduction to Genomics
KMB 217 Methods of Functional Genomics
KMB 602E Advanced methods in molecular biology 2
KEBR 631 Bioenergetics
KMB 613 Bioinformatics for Biologists
KMB 223 Techniques of microscopy and image analysis for biologists

If needed to complete previous education:

KMB 219 Introduction to Cell Biology (also basic genetics)
KMB 758 Molecular Biology and Genetics I
KBO 759 Biostatistics
UCH 757 Biochemistry 1.
UCH 643 Biochemistry 2.
KMB 770 Methods in molecular biology

All courses available for the program in English:

Winter semester
UCH/769 Environmental Chemistry 2
UCH/768 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory 3
UCH/758 Biochemistry Laboratory 1 3
UCH/757 Biochemistry 1 4
UCH/061 Applications of Molecular Modelling 2
UCH/060 Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modelling of Biomolecules 4
UCH/058 Developmental and Comparative Biochemistry 3
UCH/045 Glycobiochemistry 3
UCH/037 Basic techniques in practical chemistry1 3
UCH/027 X-ray Crystallography 4
UCH/024 Biochemistry at the Service of Medicine 3
UCH/021 Enzymology 3
UCH/020 Genetic and Protein Engineering 4
UCH/010 Seminar in Advanced Biological Chemistry 1
UCH/ZBE Principles of Experimental Methods in Biology 4
UCH/BCH Introduction to biochemistry 4
KBE/760 Biology of Microorganisms 5
KBE/115 Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation 4
KBE/546 Ecosystem Management Course 3
KBO/759 Biostatistics 5
KBO/184 Creative Publishing in Community Ecology 4
KBO/297 Functional Traits in Ecology 5
KEBR/631 Bioenergetics 4
KEBR/220 Plant Physiology 8
KMB/758 Molecular Biology and Genetics I 3
KMB/759 Molecular Biology and Genetics II 3
KMB/770 Methods in Molecular Biology 4
KME/772 Clinical Biochemistry 3
KPA/604 Molecular Phylogenetics 4
KZO/412I Molecular Ecology 6
KZO/141 Tropical insects 3
OJZ/650 Technical Writing 3
UAI/735I Python Basics 4
UAI/665 Data Mining in Bioinformatics 4
UAI/652 Programming of iPad/iPhone 4
UAI/650 Algorithms and Data Structures 4
UAI/756 CISCO Academy I 3
UAI/670 Ethics 3
UFY/PPI Parallel Programming 4
UFY/ZVK Technical English IV – Basics of Scientific Communication: Writing and Speaking 3
UFY/EM1 Electron Microscopy I 4
UMB/564I Calculus I 6
UMB/551I Linear Algebra 3

Summer semester
UCH/011 Seminar in Advanced Biological Chemistry II 1
UCH/773 WHO/EU Laboraroty and Regulatory Procedures 3
UCH/647 Biopharmacy 3
UCH/645 Principles of anticancer and antiviral drug development I. 3 
UCH/040 Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy 3
UCH/033 Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biological Systems 3
UCH/030 General Chemistry 3
UCH/643 Biochemistry 2 4
UCH/022 Protein Chemistry 4
UCH/642 Biochemistry Laboratory 2 5
UCH/052 Xenobiochemistry and Toxicology 5
UCH/BIT Biotechnology 5
UCH/960 Drug Design 3
UCH/BII Bioinformatics 4
UCH/254 Crystallization Course 8
KBE/019 Social Ecology of Local Rural Systems 4
KBE/322 Plant Physiological Ecology (note:offered every other year) 6
KBE/128 Introduction to Functional Ecology (note:offered every other year) 6
KBE/352 Seminars in Wetland Ecology 3
KBE/427 Wetland Ecology (note:offered every other year) 6
KBO/767 Biology of Plants 3
KEBR/619 Stable isotopes in biology and ecology2 6
KMB/605 Introduction to Bioinformatics 5
KMB/358 Introduction to Genomics 3
KME/733 Immunology for Biological Chemistry - laboratory 2
KME/723 Immunology 2
KME/615 Cell Line Cultures in Vitro 3
KME/083 Virology for Biological Chemistry - laboratory 2
KME/082 Virology 3
KZO/768 Biology of Animals 3
KZO/068 Diversity of Life 5
KZO/055 Evolution of the Brain and Intelligence 3
UAI/729I Project Management and its Economy 6
UAI/683I Advanced Database Systems 3
UAI/655 Applied Programming 3
UAI/609 Computer Hardware 6
UAI/757 CISCO Academy II 3
UFY/EM2 Electron Microscopy II 4
UFY/KTS Quantum Theory and Spectroscopy 6
UMB/565I Calculus II 5

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