A new 2 year Master's study programme in Ecology has started in 2019, with the admission of students at each semester. The programme is an extension of the successful Quantitative Ecology Module lead by prof. Jan Lepš since 2011.

Students will be trained in modern ecology research. The courses are focused on ecological theory and analysis as well as interpretation of ecological data using modern computational approaches. The workload is about five courses per semester.

Strong emphasis is laid on the students' own research; almost half the credits are awarded for a research project to be conducted throughout the entire two years of study, and will be the basis of the Master Thesis. The best projects will likely be published with the student as the first author. The lecturers and Thesis supervisors lead high-quality research, often in close collaboration with Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Students will develop their critical thinking, acquire strong statistical foundations, excellent field skills, learn how to present their research or how to write successful grants. In addition, several field trips and practical-nature-conservation courses are included, broadening the experience and skills of the student. Graduates will be ready to pursue a PhD in Ecology at any university or research institute around the world.


Applications open: February 2022
Application deadline: 18 May 2022
Study start: September 2022
Study duration: 2 years
Study fee: 20 EUR per year + application fee 20 €.

New students are admitted twice a year with usual application deadlines around mid May (start of study in mid September) and end of October (start of study in mid February).

How to apply:


Read about the admission procedure first!


You can address your questions regarding specific issues to the following e-mails:

Admission procedure Department of Student Affairs (Štěpánka Říčanová) studijni@prf.jcu.cz, ricanova@prf.jcu.cz
Foreign issues International Office at the Faculty (Barbora Okosy)
or University (Caroline Zoubek)
bokosy@prf.jcu.cz, czoubek@jcu.cz
Content of the study Board of Master's in Ecology programme (Petr Blažek) peta.blazek.f@seznam.cz