Ocenění studentů a absolventi

Ceny rektora a ceny děkana udělené našim studentům

Ceny rektora

ak. rok       jméno                               program
2015/2016 Bc. Jacqueline Ecker            Biological Chemistry
2015/2016 Bc. Matthias Guggenberger  Biological Chemistry
2018/2019 BSc. Paul Strasser               Biological Chemistry
2018/2019 Bc. Nora Hagleitner             Biological Chemistry
2018/2019 Bc. Klára Pilsová                 Chemie
2020/2021 Bc. Kateřina Machulová       Chemie

2022/2023 BSc. Laura Zellner               Biological CHemistry


Ceny děkana za vynikající výzkumné výsledky

ak. rok       jméno                                           obor
2015/2016 Mgr. Helena Mondeková                  Biological Chemistry
2015/2016 Mgr. Alexander Christoph Haindrich  Biological Chemistry
2016/2017 Mgr. Marie Jakešová                       Biological Chemistry
2016/2017 Mgr. Monika Litviňuková                  Biological Chemistry
2016/2017 Mgr. Dajana Tanasic                       Biological Chemistry
2017/2018 Mgr. Karel Hořejší                           Chemie životního prostředí
2018/2019 Mgr. Katharina Böttinger                 Biological Chemistry
2018/2019 Mgr. Lisa Hain, MSc                        Biological Chemistry
2018/2019 Mgr. Klára Pilsová                           Chemie životního prostředí
2022/2023 Bc. Klára Švihovcová                      Chemie
2022/2023 Bc. Josef Troup                              Chemie
2022/2023 Mgr. Anna Koutská                         Biochemie

Ceny děkana za vynikající výzkumné výsledky udělené studentům, kteří vypracovali své kvalifikačřní práce na Katedře chemie

2016/2017 Mgr. Jaroslav Ondruš Experimentální biologie
2017/2018 Mgr. Hana Mašková Klinická biologie


Ceny děkana za vynikající vědecké výsledky

ak. rok       jméno                                   obor
2021/2022 Mgr. Barbora Kaščáková, Ph.D. Biochemie

Outstanding bachelor theses award by the head of the Department of Chemistry


Philipp Hebesberger for his thesis Sirtuins as regulators of apoptosis induced proliferation in the eye of Drosphila melanogaster

Moritz Keller for his thesis The secrets encoded in the draft genome of Lentzea sp. strain BCCO-61, isolated from reclaimed mining heaps

Angela Kienberger for her thesis Detection and isolation of relapsing fever spirochete, Borrelia miyamotoi, from Ixodes ricinus collected in the Czech Republic: separation of relapsing fever and Lyme disease spirochetes by cultivation on solid medium

Konstantin Kosenko for his thesis Combination of immunotherapy with inhibitors of glutamine metabolism

Anna Kruglhuber for her thesis Mechanism of retrograde transport in contact-dependent inhibition (CDI) toxins through the bacterial translocon.

Ondřej Kuchynka for his thesis Studies of expression and localization of endogenous G-protein subunits using bioluminescence imaging

Palavinnage D. Sanchila Kumaranatunga for her thesis Towards the establishment of a curated database for the signature gene of aerobic methane oxidizing microorganisms.

Mia Nußbaumer for her thesis Role of the serotonin receptor type 7 (5-HT7) in autoimmune disease

Nikola Opolzerová for her thesis Možnosti fotochemické degradace sulfonamidů a antibiotik ze skupiny diaminopyrimidinů

Solomia Pylypchuk for her thesis Molecular cloning, expression and purification of the tick salivary serpin IRS-7

Audra Salburg for her thesis 3D SBF-SEM analysis of inner organization of unicellular protist cell.

Klára Švihovcová for her Stanovení vybraných pohlavních a stresových hormonů savců pomocí APCI-LC/MS

Josef Troup for his thesis Stanovení vybraných fenolů v cigaretových nedopalcích pomocí kapalinové chromatografie

Adéla Veselá for her thesis Vývoj metody pro stanovení vybraných aromatických aminů pomocí LC/MS

Sabrina Vranjes for her thesis Differential expression of genes in replicative (spiral) and persistent (biofilms) forms of the causative agent of human Lyme borreliosis

Isabela Marie Vlasak for her thesis Identifying and quantifying the degradation efficiency of chitinase in Pseudomonas.

Victoria Weijler for her thesis Biocontrol of slugs: Effects of slug parasitic nematodes and bacterial metabolites on harmful slugs.




Jacqueline Bittner for her thesis Validation of mitochondrial localization and essentiality of prioritized proteins assigned to the tripartite attachment complex in the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma brucei

Miroslava Bromová for her thesis A link between structure and activity of acyclic nusleoside phosphonates, inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei purine phosphoribosyl transferases

Marco Halbeisen for his thesis Modelling of tick borne enecephalitis virus (TBEV) proteins and their complexes

Vladyslav Lazebnyk for his thesis Assembly of the unique Trypanosoma brucei F1-ATP synthase

Robin Schürz for his thesis Comparison of metabolic pathways in insect symbiotic bacteria


Mirjam Odermatt for her thesis Investigation of stability and dynamics of photosynthetic pigment- protein complexes using optical spectroscopy

Laura Zellner for her thesis Preparation of antibodies to determine the association of mitoribosomal complexes with mitochondrial membrane


Anna-Marija Andova for her thesis Determining the subcellular compartment in which the unique cleavage of mitochondrial F1 ATPase subunit alpha happens

Marc Ninou-Codina for his thesis Theoretical study of bacteriochlorophyll aggregates using methods of quantum chemistry and molecular mechanics

Lena Graf for her thesis Transformation of marine protist Diplonema papillatum – characterization of selected cell lines

Sasha Gratzl for his thesis Post-transcriptional regulation of TbIF1 in life cycle of Trypanosoma brucei

David Hollaus for his thesis Determining the role of F0F1-ATP synthase dimers in Trypanosoma brucei mitochondrial biogenesis

Iryna Kondrashchenko for her thesis Evaluation of different methods of glycan enrichment to their subsequent MS identification

Amelie Klein for her thesis Phylogenetic and seasonal patterns in the microbiome of mosquito vectors

Melissa Leibetseder for her thesis Latitudinal effect on mosquitoes microbiota

Vanja Mirosavljević for her thesis Effect of high fat diet feeding on resistance to bacterial infection in Drosophila melanogaster

Nora Müller for her thesis The novel kinetoplastid kinesin TbKIFx and its partner TbPH1 are associated with specific cytoskeletal structures of Trypanosoma brucei

Sebastian Tschernuth for his thesis The role of juvenile hormone during immune reponse in Drosophila melanogaster

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